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Noty Ayushman’s New Single ‘Mummy Ki Bahu’ Out Now | People News

New Delhi: Noty Ayushman has released his new song “Mummy Ki Bahu”, the new rap song is a lively song that will make the audience groove in no time, with catchy lyrics and music.

The song premiered on April 2, 2022 and is available on Noty Ayushman’s official YouTube channel. The song is not only aired on YouTube but has also been featured on other music platforms such as Spotify, Gaana.com and Amazon music.

Mummy Ki Bahu’s song will grab your attention and is characterized by that groovy Noty’s rap that revolves around the message to make the actress the daughter-in-law of Noty’s mother and express his love for her. The song is a visual treat and instantly strikes a chord with the beats and lyrics, featuring Ayushman himself alongside the beautiful Karishma Tomar and Fiza Khan as his partners.

Composed by Ayushman in the rap genre, the song features upbeat lyrics, catchy music and a free spirit. Noty Ayushman has also helmed the direction and screenplay. The production and shooting of the famous rap song “Mummy Ki Bahu” is supported by NAF production & Films. The shooting of this video took place at Apsra cafe Gwalior and Green Petal Restro Gwalior.

Noty Ayushman’s plethora of songs makes his audience feel entertained and happy with the lyrics, rap and music, he realized this at a young age – and will continue to inculcate it in his art. Sharing his joy, Ayushman said, this song is very special because I have been working on it for a while and my mother really liked it. The aim is also to serenade the audience with a melodic foot tapping track.

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